Maths Week 2021

What super mathematicians we have here at Saint Clare’s. It was a pleasure to speak to so many children throughout the week about their love of maths and who inspires them to try their very best. We place a great emphasis on having a growth mindset approach to mathematics and that ‘Mistakes are proof that you are trying!’ We looked at a range of famous faces throughout the week and how they use maths in their roles as well as thinking about as many ways as possible to represent our age. Take a look at our display below!

How can you help your child

The best way to ensure good mathematical skill and understanding in adults is repetition and opportunities to practice (even for five or ten minutes a day) starting from a very young age. Numeracy in childhood starts with concepts such as sizes – the big ball, the small ball, and grouping objects by their similarities and differences – all the red objects, or a set of vehicles, for example. Children also start measuring things by eye such as filling their water bottle or looking to see if their sibling has more or less food than them.

You can encourage these skills in a number of ways including:

There are of course a huge number of ways you can help your child practice their numeracy skills at home, but these are just some of the ways you can help young brains to make mathematical sense of the world around them.

If you need any help with maths at home please done hesitate to contact us in school.

Mr Parkinson