This week Willow class have been working on measuring mass and length. Our first task was to make the  best tasting 100 ml drink. The children worked in groups, making drinks by mixing an amount of cordial with an amount of water. The children worked systematically making the drinks. Drink 1 had 10 ml cordial to 90 ml of water, drink 2 had 20 ml cordial to 80 ml of water, drink 3 had 30 ml cordial to 70 ml of water , and so on. The children then tasted the drinks with a surprising number of the class enjoying 90 ml of cordial to 10 ml of water.

Our next challenge was to draw and measure long creatures. The children were given strips of paper on which they drew their creature. Next they used a ruler to measure the length. The children then folded the creature to make it smaller and recorded the measurement of each new creature.

The children were then given a challenge to see which group could make the longest caterpillar. Acorns were the winning team, their caterpillar measured 1 m 19 cm. Thee children were then eager to see how long our caterpillar would be if we added them all together. The new creature measured 3 m 2 cm. The children saw a paper chain that we had made together earlier on the the year and wanted to add this to. With great excitement the display was taken down down and added to the original. Our new caterpillar measured               6 m  66 cm.