One World Week & Internet Safety Day

This week, we kicked off with our Internet Safety Day – looking at being respectful & kind to others on line. The children responded really well and impressed me with their knowledge on how to deal with a number of situations on line, in a responsible and sensible way. They also had the opportunity to share experiences and discuss with others, how they could deal with different situations if they were to happen.

For the rest of the week, we have been learning all about Islam. Yusuf, Amaan and Inayah enjoyed sharing their faith with the rest of the class on Tuesday afternoon, followed by a visit to the Mosque on Wednesday morning – where we learnt so much! Nahal and her mum, continued to deepen our knowledge and understanding on Wednesday afternoon, where the children got the chance to ask lots of questions. We have thoroughly enjoyed this topic and the children have really become engrossed in their learning and research.

Daina, Naveen, Amber and Elwin have also prepared and shared a collective worship on Friendship, with Hazel and Cherry class this week. Making us appreciate our friends and their qualities.