One world week

Saplings had a great week learning all about Judaism for One world week. We explored the faith making links to the faiths of those in our class learning about the Jewish faith and more about our friends.
We looked at various synagogues talking about the features in them, comparing them to places we worship at. We noticed the symbol the Star of David and created our own stain glass windows to match. Whilst looking into artefacts in the synagogues the children noted how the Torah wasn’t in book form like our bible or the Quran but as a scroll. The children created their own using pre writing patterns, shapes and some letters. It intrigued them how they read the Torah using a type of stick and tried this using books of our own.
As Saplings enjoy eating we spent time exploring daily routines and customs around the faith and made a number of different recipes for us all to try. We created so much we were able to share our learning with our older friends in year 6.

Overall the children learnt a lot about Judaism and we’re able to notice similarities and differences to their own faiths.