One World Week

As part of our One World week, we have been learning all about the faith of Islam. We have focused our learning on the Holy Book, The Qur,an. On Monday, the children explained the importance of the Qur’an- the wrote about wudhu and certain practices that must be obeyed when handling the Qur’an. In our computing lesson the children worked in small groups to create a powerpoint on the Qur’an, The next day, they presented their work to the class. It has been lovely to hear prayers, songs and also some children shared items brought into school from home to share with the class. Throughout the week the class have had opportunities to listen, discuss, question and share ideas about Islam. It has also allowed us all to see similarities and differences between other faiths. Finally, using a range of media the children wrote one of the 99 names of Allah and it was delightful to see some children use their Arabic for their artwork.

Thank you very much to the parent volunteers for giving their time to come into school and speak to the children about their faith.

This week also saw four children from Elder Class represent St Clare’s in a Mater Ecclesiae maths competition. They had to work as a relay team to answer a range of reasoning questions. Well done!

Have a wonderful weekend,

Mrs Clack