Ordinal numbers

As part of our exploration of animals we have been learning last week about the animals that took part in ‘The great race’ linked to Chinese New Year.
Maths was a focus with us looking at ordinal numbers from first to twelfth. We explored the speed the animals travelled, how we thought they travelled through/over the river, the height of the animals and ourselves and friends.

As it was Chinese New Year some of our children were able to tell us their experiences of the festival. We looked at a short video about China to help us see what else we wanted to learn about the country and how they celebrated the new year. There was a lot of interest in the Great Wall of China so we built our own looking at different ways we could travel along   And which would be the fastest. We enjoyed watching the dancing especially the dragon dance and was very lucky to have one of our children tell us about their experience watching a dragon dance. As we have been working hard on our mark making the children noticed Chinese print is different to our own having a go at mark making patterns.

To end our week and start our thinking for One World Week we had a visit from Amy who has told us all about her faith. We are looking forward to learning even more.