Student Council

Hello, we are the Student Council.  We consist of;

Annie (Head Girl) and Seb (Head Boy) - Class 8
Helena and Rocco - Class 7
Mikoo and Faye - Class 6
Alessio and Mila - Class 5
Freddie and Ida - Class 4
Lewis and Katie - Class 3
Sam and Ellie - Class 2

Head boy and Head girl were picked by an election that all of KS2 had to vote for.

From Year 5 all the way down to Year 1, each candidate had to propose a speech or poster to persuade their classmates to elect them for student council.

As student council our first targets are to look at healthy eating in packed lunches and to sort out the church parking issue.

If you have any ideas or concerns please come to one of us.

Thank You
The Student Council