Out of Africa



This week we have travelled to Africa on safari looking at all the animals and habitats. We have decided the climate there is much nicer than the cold of the Antarctic and have been thinking about what we might need to wear instead of last weeks coats, scarves, boots and goggles. Next week we will be continuing to explore Africa if anyone has any photos of their memories in Africa please could you email them to school.

As well as our African adventures we have been working very hard with our numbers working out different ways of making numbers with some of us writing them down.

We are loving the enthusiasm for our physical activities with the children now following 2 step instructions in our giant twister game and Movelee monkey stretching and action routines. We know the weather isn’t great at the moment but all children need to keep working on their stamina and physical skills the more they move outside the warmer they will be, please support us in encouraging your child to move in lots of different ways.