Pine Class. Home learning for Thursday 4th January

Good morning Pine Class.

 We have a very exciting day ahead of us. It is World Book Day! Today you have your morning maths and daily maths lesson as normal but the rest of the lessons are based on your favourite books. 
Today you have two zoom sessions. We have our normal zoom at 11.30 where we get to see your amazing costumes. There is an extra zoom today at 2.45. This is a costume parade and a chance for you to see everyone else’s costumes. 

See you on Zoom 
Miss Barton.

Please do not print this page. Write the questions and answers in your exercise books. 

Remember to show your working out and check your answers using a different strategy. 

I have reduced the number of questions on the morning task to allow you more time to check your answers. 

This should take 15 – 20minutes.

Spellings and handwriting 

In your packs you will have a new spelling sheet.  You need to write these at the back of your exercise book under today’s date. 

1. Look at the spelling and find the definition to any unknown words. 

2. Look at how it is spelt. Can you think of an easy way to remember the spelling? 

3. Cover it up and write the spelling in the back of your book. 

4. Check your spelling is correct. 

5. Repeat steps 2 – 4 three times and then move onto the next spelling. 

Remember to practice your handwriting at the same time. Focus on your letter formation. 

This will take 10 – 15 minutes. 


Today we are learning about pictograms. Watch this short video about pictograms and answer the questions on pages 34-37. 

Make sure you have a white board and pen in front of you to answer the questions on the video. Stop the video when you are asked to and work out the answers.

This should take approximately 45 minutes