Pine Class. Home learning for Wednesday 3rd March

Good morning Pine Class. 

We are half way through the week. Take some time to think about the week so far. What have you learnt? Are you proud of the work that you have done? Have you remembered to work towards your target for this half term?
Here is your home learning for today. Remember to join us on zoom for our collective worship and guidance with your lessons.

Miss Barton

Morning maths

Please refresh this page and make sure the date on your morning maths is the 3rd of March. 

Please do not print this page. Write the questions and answers in your exercise books. 

Remember to show your working out and check your answers using a different strategy. 

I have reduced the number of questions on the morning task to allow you more time to check your answers. 

This should take 15 – 20minutes. 

Spellings and handwriting 

In your packs you will have a new spelling sheet.  You need to write these at the back of your exercise book under today’s date. 

1. Look at the spelling and find the definition to any unknown words. 

2. Look at how it is spelt. Can you think of an easy way to remember the spelling? 

3. Cover it up and write the spelling in the back of your book. 

4. Check your spelling is correct. 

5. Repeat steps 2 – 4 three times and then move onto the next spelling. 

Remember to practice your handwriting at the same time. Focus on your letter formation. 

This will take 10 – 15 minutes. 


Today we are moving away from money and going onto statistics.  Watch this short video and complete the questions on pages 30 – 33. 

Make sure you have a white board and pen in front of you to answer the questions on the video. Stop the video when you are asked to and work out the answers.

This should take approximately 45 minutes


This week we are looking at present perfect tense.

Present perfect tense is used when something that started in the past is still happening or true now.

Example 1:  You have been home learning since christmas.

In this example home learning started in the past but you are still home schooling now in the present.

Example 2: Sally has gone to the shop. 

In this example Sally set off to the shop in the past but she is still there, making it present perfect tense.

Look for the key words have or has. This shows present perfect tense is used.


English sheet for printing.

LO: To understand the layout of a persuasive letter. 

Today you will need to print the sheet and put the sections up. 

Once you have put the sections up, read each section and put them into the correct order to create a letter. Do not stick them in until you have read the whole letter and made sure it is in the right order. Then stick your work into your books. 

Remember to link to the features of a letter to help you. 

Music – Yumu

In your packs you should have a login coed for Yumu and information about how to login in. Make sure you find this for todays task. 

You need to login to Yumu and look for the assignment called rhythm and beat. 

Here is a help sheet to help you.