Prayer, Poems, Performance and Police!

As well as practicing for the Let’s Go Sing concert, the children have been preparing and performing poems. They have spent a lot of time analysing performances and were given time to prepare a performance of their own. They worked in pairs and were encouraged to add actions, expression¬† and confidence to their delivery. I was so impressed with their knowledge and their efforts towards their final performance. They provided feedback towards their peers and remembered to be respectful to each other.

We have also had a visit from Fr Stephen this week, where he talked to the children about the significance and importance of the Monstrance. I was pleased with how much they had remembered from previous year groups and I think Fr was equally as impressed.

On Tuesday afternoon, we had a visit from the local PCSO, who talked to the children about the dangers of knife crime. I think we all can agree that this is a worrying subject matter but one we need our children to be well educated in. The children were really attentive during this session and were on their best behaviour.

Have a lovely weekend.

Mrs B