Raising money for St Catherine’s

This week, we have been busy helping raise money for the St Catherine’s Charity. Hazel class have been taking part in a sponsored silence, playing a game of football rounders, a penalty shootout against Mrs Mills, running around our school track (9 laps!!!) and creating posters to send to St Catherine’s.

“We are doing it for people who are ill in the hospital” – Alesha

“I liked the penalty shootout because we won against Mrs Mills” – Khalid

“I liked the 30 minutes silence because it made me feel calm” – Evie (the teachers liked this too!!!)

“I really liked the running around the track because I did four laps, I was really proud!” – Patrick

“I liked running around the track because it keeps me healthy” – Izzy

“I loved playing football rounders because I had to kick the ball and then run around every cone, I scored two rounders” – Aru

“It is import to raise money so we can help other people” – Paul