Second Sunday of Advent: Peace

John the Baptist is a living sign of the transforming grace of God. Advent is that season that invites us to change. The Covid pandemic had changed forced upon us most cruelly, especially for those of us who have lost loved ones to the virus. Our lifestyles and way of being Church had to change, but we survived. The innocent victims of hatred in Ukraine, Gaza and Israel over these past ten months and, hopefully, the transformation of Advent will help us to move forward. It cannot be stated enough and today you are reminded that there are changes for good that only YOU can make – don’t wait for someone else to make the difference.

It would be a tragedy to allow the beauty of the change of seasons to pass us by because of distraction or indifference. It would be even more tragic to allow the season of Advent to pass us by this year without striving to “change” within to become more like John the Baptist and point to the goodness of God, a God who continues to make a difference and walk with us in the most appalling of times – as the popular poem has it, there are times when we need to be carried. Just as you are carried and loved by God, you too can carry and love others to the full this week: