We recognise that many children have special educational needs and /or disabilities and we believe that special educational needs /disabilities should be fulfilled through a whole school approach, where pupils have access to a broad and balanced curriculum, high expectations are maintained and the principles of equal opportunities are upheld. Children with SEND (special educational needs/disabilities) should be integrated into classroom programmes. A fexible approach is essential, and depending on individual needs, the class teacher will engage various effective, teaching and learning strategies. These should encourage, stimulate and motivate children in a happy and secure environment where they are nurtured to reach their maximum potential. It is important that each child gains a sense of achievement and has no fear of failure.

At St Clare’s we believe it is the right of every child to receive an education appropriate to his/her needs, with maximum possible access to the National Curriculum.

Many children experience some problems or difficulties during the course of their school life. When this happens, the class teacher with the designated teacher for SEND, Mrs Charnley, will discuss concerns with parents and devise an appropriate Individual Educational Plan (IEP) for the pupil. A child identified with special educational needs is given extra help by the class teacher and class teaching assistant. Support may be provided in a variety of ways for example: individual support, small group, “in-class-support” or support away from class. Support is also offered, where appropriate, by the Lancashire Education Authority’s Inclusion and Disability School Service (IDSS) and the Educational Psychology Service.

The progress of these children is carefully monitored and tracked through termly reviews and through the school assessment process. Parents are kept involved and informed in this process, encouraged to participate in the learning process and share in the decision making to give the child the greatest possible support.

Mrs Charnley, co-ordinates provision for children with special educational needs and or disabilities. This includes liaising with parents, colleagues, external agencies in the educational psychology services and other support services, the health and social services, voluntary bodies, and other schools when transition is involved.

The Governors have a nominated member; (Miss. Roma Birtles), who is specifically responsible along with the Head Teacher for all matters connected with SEND provision. Parents and Guardians are encouraged to approach the school about any concerns they may have regarding their child’s progress. We value and welcome involvement, support and participation.