Sports Week Challenges

Welcome to St Clare’s Sports Week. This week, we will be taking part in lots of fun activities to encourage us to keep active and stay healthy.

As part of sports week, you can also take part at home by completing these exciting activities. Please send pictures of you completing these activities to All entries shall count as a point towards your team’s final Sports Week score.


Activity 1

Race Track: Create a track around your home/garden/outdoor space and experiment moving in a range of ways around your track. Time your first walk/hop/jump/run, can you beat it?

See the video for more ideas/guidance –


Activity 2

Treasure Chest: Using two containers placed approx. 5m(ish) apart, can you collect treasure from one contain and place in your treasure chest. Can you move in different ways, ie: hopping, skipping, jumping? Give it a go and then try and beat your time.

See the video for more ideas/guidance – 


Activity 3:

Dance: Using spots placed around your living room/kitchen/outdoor space, can you travel to and around these spots in a variety of different ways to form a dance. Alternatively, choose your favourite pop song to create a dance to.

See the video for more ideas/guidance –


Please send pictures to

All entries will earn an extra point for your sports teams overall Sports Week’s score – ENJOY 🙂