Summertime fun

We have loved hearing about all of the fun our children and families have had over the half term break. We have started thinking about our new topic ‘where in the world’ with exciting ways we could travel to places near and as far as travelling to the moon! To prepare ourselves for our travels we have started working on road safety in the safety of our school playground roadway. Even this was tricky as we used our gross motor skills on wheeled toys pretending to be busy roads with traffic going both ways.

The weather over the last couple of weeks has been great for our veg plots with our lettuce looking so good we had to eat it quick before any bugs found it. We hope all of you who took some home enjoyed it too.

We have been working hard on our listening and attention skills with children retelling stories we have heard sequencing pictures from the books using their own words. Some of our children have been listening to words to work out the initial sounds then using these we have created our own alliteration name book and they have come up with some great names for themselves.

As the summer term progresses and hopefully the weather stays nice please could you make sure your child has a sun hat and sun cream applied.