Super Scientists – observing and classifying

Its been another busy week in Elder Class. We began our new unit of writing in English and predicted what the book might be about from the clues on the front cover. The theme of prayer and liturgy this week was love and the children wrote how they could show love in their lives.

Rachel, from Let’s Go Sing came into school to begin teaching the children from Cherry and Elder Class songs for our concert next year. They were all super and we learnt four songs in one session! We will continue performing and practising our vocals in music lesson this term.

In science, there was lots of inquisitive questions about our investigation. The children made observed a range of rocks and used pipettes to test to see if the rock type was permeable or impermeable. They studied its appearance and tried to classify the rock into one of the three groups we had been learning about during previous lessons. What a super week Elder! Have a lovely weekend.

Mrs Clack

Important notices

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Payment can be made on Arbor for our upcoming trip to Liverpool Cathedral (Tuesday 10th October)