Taking ownership

This week the children have been looking at areas they can take ownership of their learning and classroom. They have started by being independant in their own self care by dressing and undressing themselves. When they really need help they know to ask but all have had a good go and got themselves ready for PE and back in their uniform, all very proud of themselves for doing it. It really doesnt matter if their uniform is the wrong way they have done it themselves. All the children have been cutting up their own food at lunch saying “press (with fork) and saw (knife)” These skills are vital for independance and something they can all continue at home.

In our class all the children are learning about the classroom being their learning space choosing their own job rolls throughout the day. A lot have chosen their areas of sorting for as soon as they hear our ‘Tidy up rhumba’ song.

We have been starting prepparing for our first event for our families in maths where we will be having a dominoe drive. The children have been matching shapes/images/ colours as well as numerals and dots. We will send out more information about this event next week until then keep pratising at home!