The 3 Little Pigs a BIG Bad Wolf and a Big bad number 4

Who’s afraid of the big bad wolf ? Not us, we’ve explored different materials making predictions on which will make the strongest house and tested our ideas using a wolf and a lion. We have listened to the traditional 3 little pigs story retelling it in our own way sequencing pictures, using drama to act out the tale and making our own adaptations. We used our maths skills with 3 number blocks and the big bad square 4 who huffed and puffed and blew our numbers down working on partitioning. How could we not think about why the 3 pigs had to move out of home. Thinking about spatial awareness we used our own mud sty working out just how many and what sizes would fit. The children have enjoyed recording their own learning using technology taking lots of photos and videos.

After a very busy week I think everyone is ready for a well earned half term break