The Anglo-Saxons have arrived!

In Year 6 we have had another busy and exciting week.

In History, a lady called Mildreth came into school to talk to us about the Anglo-Saxons.  She talked about what everyday life was like and got us all involved.  During the session we looked at a range of artefacts and tried to figure out what they were.  At the end of the session we were all given a spear and trained like Anglo-Saxon warriors.  In the afternoon, we were inspired to write a diary entry from the point of view of an Anglo-Saxon.

In English, we are studying older literature written by William Shakespeare. We have been using a range of punctuation such as commas, semi-colons, brackets and dashes. Watch out for examples of our super writing on the blog.

In Maths, we continued learning about fractions.   To help us we have used lots of models, images and jottings.  We have worked hard to use the correct vocabulary (e.g. numerator, denominator, equivalent) when explaining our working. Now we can add, subtract, multiply and divide fractions.

In Science, we have been learning more about the main parts of the Human Circulatory System.  We investigated how the body transports water and nutrients.

We had another visitor in school who helped us with a Yoga Mindfulness session.  It was great fun and very relaxing.   In Gymnastics, we have developed our sequences in groups.

We hope you have a good weekend!

Lena and Lois (Year 6)