The big not so bad wolf

We are having a great time with our new friend who you might know as the big bad wolf. We have heard all about the time the three little pigs built their houses and when the wolf blew them down, or did he? Traditionally we have all heard the story when he huffed and puffed and blew the houses down, retelling the story in our own words with out character puppets and small world props. We have built houses from straw, wood and bricks learning lots of new construction techniques. We have been chopping and sawing wood and had a go at brick laying and making our own bricks from clay. We definitely have some master builders in our class.

We thought about how the pigs felt  about being all grown up and moving into another house and also about what that wolf was thinking. Mr Wolf told us the true story about how he had caught the cold we all seem to have in our class and he didn’t really huff and puff, he just sneezed. As we learnt he was making cake for his Granny and just wanted a cup of sugar from his piggy neighbours we wondered what else he might like to eat as we really don’t think he would like stone soup.

IMG_0372 IMG_0371