The Christmas Carol

What a brilliant week we have had, watching Nativity plays from across the school and visiting the Dukes, in Lancaster, to watch The Christmas Carol. We are certainly starting to feel like Christmas!

On Monday, we had our final dance session with Rachael, where we have been putting together a dance based on WWII, consisting of different styles of dancing from countries involved in the war. We will be performing our dance to the Year 6’s this coming Monday.

On Tuesday, we were invited to watch our Little Sapling buddies in their fabulous nativity play. Followed by the KS1 Nativity in the afternoon.

Throughout the week we have been writing our historical stories, based on Rose Blanche – a text we have been looking at over the last couple of weeks. Not to mention all of the Maths, History, Geography, RE, French and Music that has been going on.

Finally, on Friday, we all attended The Christmas Carol at the Dukes in Lancaster. As always, it was an entertaining performance and the children had a memorable time.