The Good Shepherd

This week is the Fourth Sunday of Easter and is often called Good Shepherd Sunday.  The Gospel reading starts with Jesus saying “My sheep hear my voice. I know them, and they follow me”. But in our busy world with all its distractions it may be hard to hear what God might be calling us to do.  We can all probably think of a time when we’ve heard the voice of someone we love who has been able to make us feel safe and loved. However, we don’t always get that loud clear voice when trying to hear what Jesus is calling us to do, especially when it is tricky decisions.  Bishop Paul asks us to pray to hear God’s calling, which can be a really big decision if it is to join the religious life of becoming a priest.  So how do we try to hear God’s voice? By spending time in prayer and listening to those we trust and respect who are offering words of encouragement when we doubt ourselves.


This is our mission for this week.

Let us all find time to listen to Jesus’s voice in prayer.  Let us make time for him this week.