The last half term at Saint Clare’s for Year 6!

Although your children will always be part of the Saint Clare’s family I can’t believe that they only have five weeks left in school as Year 6. I just wanted to update you with information and arrangements for the next few weeks and have tried to answer any questions that you may have.

Transition to High School

Over the past few weeks I have been meeting with all the different High Schools, to discuss your children on an individual basis. All information has been collated and will be passed on to the High Schools over the next couple of weeks. Please make sure that you keep checking emails as each High School will contact you to let you know about their own additional transition plans.

Human Relationships and Sex Education                  

As part of the Science and RE curriculum, we prepare children for adolescence by teaching them about the changes that take place to their bodies during puberty. Following our Human Relations and Sex Education policy, approved by the Diocese, we take a sensitive approach with Catholic values. As with every aspect of the curriculum, we will ensure that the children are guided sensitively. Over the past few weeks we have been thinking about the importance of self-respect and how we are all unique and special. In the next few weeks we will move on to looking at the changes that happen to children during puberty. All children will be taking part in this discussion unless you contact the office to opt out. Please do not hesitate to contact me in school if you wish to discuss this further.

Summer Production ‘Wind in the Willows– Wednesday 5th July

We would love to invite you to our Summer Production in school this year. Performances will start at 2pm and 6pm. Four tickets, for each performance have been sent home this evening. We will also endeavour to film the performance so the children have a copy to look back on in years to come!

Year 6 Mass and Assembly – Wednesday 12th July – 1:30pm

Mass and Assembly will both be held in the Church on the 12th July. This will be a special time for Year 6 and their families to reflect on their time at Saint Clare’s.

Year 6 Leavers Meal – Thursday 13th July

The children are very much looking forward to heading to Marino’s for their leavers’ meal. Our time slot is between 4:15pm and 5:30pm, so that it is just our class in the restaurant. Children will have an early lunch on this day and can be picked up at school from 2:00pm, to enable them to get ready and then meet us at Marino’s ready for tea. We ask that you drop the children off at 4:15pm and then pick up again at 5:30pm.

Final Day – Friday 14th July

On the last day of term Year 6 will finish early at 1pm so that they can have a guard of honour on the playground and leave to the traditional ‘Reach for the stars’. You are welcome to join us outside for this at about 12:55pm. If you would like to take younger siblings then you may do so, as the rest of the school will finish at 1:30pm.

As we venture into the last few weeks, there will be lots of opportunities for the children to reflect on their time here but also to look forward to their new high school.

Please keep in touch with me if there is anything you need to discuss or need support with.

Have a lovely weekend.

Mr Parkinson