The Presentation of Jesus

Our prayer and liturgy worship this week has been based on the presentation of Jesus. On Tuesday Pine class led our worship and focused on the joy experienced by Simeon and Anna as they witness Jesus at the temple. They asked the children to consider all the things that make them happy and to thank God for them. On Thursday Mrs Romero and a group of children from Willow class led our worship. We began by singing a chorus from a hymn that the children in Pine class had taught us earlier in the week. It was lovely to witness the confidence of the children as they read verses from the Bible. The children asked us to think of acts of kindness that they could offer to God.

This week in Willow class the children have been making arrays of 2s, 5s and 10s and looking at the value of different coins. The children were set a challenge to use coins to make a given amount. The challenge became harder as the children were asked to use the fewest number of coins to make their amounts.