Titanic and Position and Direction

We have had another busy week in Beech Class.  In Maths we have been learning about position (next to, in between, left and right), direction (forwards, backwards, left and right) and turns (clockwise, anti-clockwise, quarter, half and three quarter turns).  This work is definitely not as easy as it sounds!  We have also begun a History topic, learning about the Titanic.  We discovered where it was built, the size of it and where Titanic began its journey.  The children were History Detectives and looked at photographs of the interior of the Titanic, trying to identify which were 1st, 2nd or 3rd class areas.  They said it was difficult to work out because of the black and white photographs but most of them said they would definitely like to travel in 1st class!  Have a lovely half term.