Travel and transport

This week there has been lots of talk and exploration about ways of travelling, either how our body can move, how we can make things move and different modes of transport of the past,present and future.
We imagined what would be like to travel via a rocket in space using yoga for future modes of transport. We thought about transport that could be used to travel through the air, on land and sea both now and in the past. We shared different transport we have been on talking about where we went.

There has been talk about us going on a trip on a bus to the forest and what we will need to take with us. Further details will be sent via the app. With this the children are now practicing carrying their own backpacks ready for our trip. Please let your child come wearing their own bag and let them walk to the car or home with them. To lighten the load please only send your child with a change of clothes and nappies/wipes if necessary. They do not need to be bringing in toys and other items from home.

We have loved sharing the excitement of the Kings Coronation over the past couple of weeks with many of the children telling us about what they saw on tv. We have been very lucky to have had one of our children sharing their trip to London to see the Coronation parade first hand. Thankyou to all who came to our Coronation art gallery to see the work produced last week on the school Coronation arts day.