The wearing of the school uniform is important and contributes to creating an effective working atmosphere, ethos and tradition of the school. Pride in appearance and cleanliness is encouraged at all times. 

General Pupil Presentation


Trainers/boots/shoes with high heels must NOT be worn.


Excessive hairstyles are not acceptable in school, for example:

  • Shaved heads (Number 3 is the minimum acceptable cut) 
  • Shaved lines, steps, mohicans, etc. 
  • Dyed or colours/streaks/strongly contrasting colours. 
  • Any child coming into St Clare’s Catholic Primary School with an excessive hairstyle will be internally excluded until the hair complies with uniform policy. 
  • For hygiene and safety reasons, long hair must be simply tied back with neutral colours, avoiding large bows and hair bands. 
PE Kit
  • Red school PE T-shirt with the school logo
  • Red school hoodie with the school logo
  • Black shorts (not lycra/cycling shorts) 
  • Pull-on black pumps 
  • Black plain jogging bottoms (not leggings) 
  • KS2 – Plain black trainers (optional) 
  • Summer – plain red or black sun hats/caps to be brought into school for wearing at playtimes.
Jewellery and Nails

For safety reasons the wearing of jewellery is not considered suitable for normal school activities and must not be worn or brought into school. 

No jewellery except a wrist watch and plain stud earrings are allowed in school. If a child is unable to remove the earrings for PE, the child must put plasters over the earrings. Parents will be reminded of the policy.  If children are to have their ears pierced, it should be done at the beginning of the summer holiday in order for the earrings to be removed for school in September.

NO NAIL VARNISH in school.