Vegetables & pirates

This week has been a mixture of vegetables and pirates with us thinking about our outdoor area and the vegetables we want to grow and exploring the pirates of the high seas.
We have been reading the story ‘Oliver’s Vegetables’ looking at Grandads garden and the veg he grew. We have started tasting different veg to help us decide what we want to grow. The pea shoots were a hit with the children amazed they had the same smell as peas and all enthusiastically ate them! Now we are planning what we want to grow to enable us to have our own shop and kitchen garden.

If anyone has any compost or seeds they would like to donate for us to grow we would be very grateful. We are also looking for guttering for the project.

How could I not share what an amazing World Book Day we had. We have spent some time throughout the week being pirates with Thursday as the day for adventuring the high seas in search of treasure and the golden underpants as we all know’Pirates Love Underpants’.
We spent the day creating patterns on pants, making eye patches hats and no pirate would be complete without his own parrot. We thought about treasure hunting for the treasure chest and created our own treasure maps. We sung sea shanty’s and danced this way that forwards and backwards over the Irish Sea and shared stories of the high seas.