Weather and being brave

This week has definitely been a mixed bag of weather we had a little sunshine, wind rain and snow. However, there’s no such thing as bad weather just inappropriate clothing! I know it’s tricky at this time of year but I always dress for worst case scenario as layers can always come off and in Little Saplings we do love the outdoors 😁
We have spent a lot of time this week looking at colours including mixing, naming and finding and exploring lighter/darker shades. We had a great time looking for signs of spring and seeing the colours and shades it brings with it. Then celebrated Holi with our friends as the festival of colours and the beginning of spring. We are looking forward to everything spring and summer brings but until then we will be prepared for anything!

We have been continuing our physical development in changing ourself for PE so we can use the bigger apparatus. We are becoming braver every time we try new things. Please make sure your child brings appropriate clothes and footwear to change into for PE or your child will be unable to use the equipment for safety reasons.