Welcome Back!

Welcome back and Happy New Year. We hope you have had a restful Christmas break. Thank you again for all of your kind gifts.
We began our week by visiting the crib in church and talking about the events of the Epiphany and Jesus’ birth.
We have begun our new class text, ‘The Man on the Moon.’ We have enjoyed reading about the main character Bob and have used adverbs and the conjunction before to create our own sentences about the story.
In HRSE and Online Safety we have have been discussing the topic of bullying. Identifying unkind behaviour, different types of bullying and recognising that bullying is constant and repeated.
We came up with our own definitions for bullying and discussed feelings that may go with some unkind actions that may take place online.
In History we have continued with our topic on the Titanic. We sequenced the events on a timeline and looked at the differences between the passengers on board.
Have a great weekend.