What a busy week!

This week the children have been voting for who will represent Hazel class on our school and sports councils.

We are proud to announce that Abdullah and Kiara will be our school council members and Eloise will be our sports council member.

These roles will be changed each term, so that lots of children have the opportunity throughout the year.

We have also been busy planning our snail and the whales stories – I can not wait for us to write them next week! In maths, we have been learning about place value, focusing on one more and one less, partitioning two digit numbers and making two digit numbers using tens and ones. In our topic lessons, we have enjoyed learning about directions and compasses – drawing our own maps of our local area.

Alayna – ‘I’ve enjoyed using our tens and ones to make two digit numbers’

Adil – ‘I’ve enjoyed practicing my handwriting’

Theo – ‘Writing our own snail and the whale stories with my own characters’

Kaleesi – ‘I liked learning about different animals life cycles’

Muhammad – ‘I liked ordering the different numbers’

Molly – ‘I liked learning about compasses and directions and drawing our own maps’

Libby – ‘Going on the computers was my favourite – figuring out what all the buttons on the keypad do’

Muhammad – ‘I really liked learning about one more and one less and ten more and ten less’

Ivy – ‘I liked learning all about the differences between London and Fulwood’