We are very excited to welcome you into Willow Class. We have lots of fun and exciting things planned for the year.

In addition to myself, we have Mrs Romero  helping us every day. Mrs Noonan will be teaching the class every Thursday morning and I know she has planned some interesting computing and P.E topics.

After the first half term your child will receive homework on a Monday which will need to be completed and returned by Thursday.

Children should try to read their reading books most days and your support with this is hugely important. Please discuss characters, events and any new vocabulary to further develop your child’s reading comprehension skills and when the book is completed, comment and sign in their reading diary. When your child has finished their books they will need to place their reading folders in a box in the classroom and we will then change them. 

Willow Class P.E. day is Thursday and the children should come to school in their P.E. kits on this day. Please make sure that if your child has their ears pierced, they remove earrings on P.E. days and also long hair should be tied up.

If you have any concerns about your child, please let me know.

I am really looking forward to continuing your child’s journey with them.

Latest News

Sports day

Congratulations to Haydock being the winning house at sports day. https://youtu.be/uuXMMdEKrS4  

Happy Pentecost.

At Pentecost the disciples received the gift of the Holy Spirit filling them with confidence, hope, conviction and power.  They became the new people ready to proclaim God’s message to the ends of the earth, even to give up their lives for it.  That is what Jesus...

The Magic Porridge Pot and Printing

The children finished their own stories based on 'The Magic Porridge Pot'. They changed the setting of their stories which now took place in our schools and some of the teachers found themselves as one of the characters. With great enthusiasm and confidence the...

Well done children!

We are proud to share with you that Saint Clare’s has been judged as ‘OUTSTANDING’ by the National Inspection of Catholic Schools. We are delighted that the report recognises all that we try to embody here in school. Take a look at the report by clicking on the link...

A song for the King and Chocolate Fractions

Willow class have enjoyed exploring fractions with chocolate bars. First they considered if the segments of the chocolates were even and found two bars that weren't. Next they looked to see if the segments on the bars could be cut into halves and then quarters....

‘If you love me, keep my commands’

Today's gospel comes straight after the reading we heard last Sunday, it's part of Jesus' teachings at the last supper. Jesus is helping to prepare the disciples for what will happen when he dies, and how they should not worry because he will ask the Father to send...