Year 6 – A blog from Anne and Edmund!

This weeks blog is written by Anne and Edmund…enjoy! 

This week we have been looking at one of Shakespeare’s plays, Hamlet. We also looked at the Lion King and we compared the stories and tried to make our own comic version, which will be used to plot our own stories next week. In french we translated a phone call into English and then wrote our own paragraph (in French) about the sports we do each week. 

In History, we learnt about the Anglo Saxons and how they came and invaded Britain when it was ruled by the Romans in 410 AD. We learnt that Anglo Saxons were made up of farmers and villagers.  The Picts and the Scots lived north of Hadrian’s Wall (Scotland). The Jutes, the Friesians and the Angles travelled across the North Sea to Britain from Germany, Denmark and Netherlands and united as the Anglo Saxons.

In RE, we looked  at equality, love and respect and how we should treat others. We listened to songs about love, respect, peace and equality. We split into groups and made our own songs, raps or poems on how to spread the message of love, peace, respect and equality in our community.

In maths we have been looking at fractions: how to convert the fractions to their lowest common denominator. We looked at mixed and improper fractions, and looked at a rule about adding and subtracting fractions which is: Whatever you do to the top you do to the bottom. We added and subtracted fractions with different denominators and mixed numbers.

In PE, we are practising our gymnastics and we are doing counter balance and counter tension to form part of a sequence.

We have had a busy week this week and it has gone so quickly! We hope you have a good weekend.

Anne and Edmund (Year 6)