Year 6 – An afternoon of cricket!

Thank you so much for spending time to come into school this week.  It was great to share with you the progress that your children are making, in a face to face meeting, rather than over zoom! As discussed at the meetings we will send home the Easter revision packs in the final week of this term so please watch out for them and if you have any questions don’t hesitate to be in touch.

This week in class we have continued our crime fiction work in English by emerging ourselves in a range of different texts and trying to solve crimes. We couldn’t believe how many red herrings are used to try and mislead and distract from the real crime…we can’t wait to include them in our own story plans! 

In RE we have been thinking about the importance of Fairtrade products and the difference it makes to farmers if we can try our best to buy their products. Next week we will move on to thinking about what else we can do to care for our world, looking at what Pope Francis tells us about looking after our world and not exploiting its resources.

We have had a great afternoon this afternoon playing cricket in the sunshine! We have one more week left of our cricket sessions before we break up for Easter.

Have a great weekend with your families and we shall see you all on Monday morning.

Reminders for next week

Wednesday – Booster Club after school

Friday – Bishop’s Fund Day – it is great to see the return of our annual event. This year all proceeds will go towards the rebuilding of a Church and community centre in India.