Year 6 are making a difference to our world!

What a week. I have been so impressed with how Year 6 have taken on the challenge of making a difference to the world that we live in. Inspired by speeches from David Attenborough and Queen Elizabeth II, the children have written to world leaders, politicians, sport stars, authors, energy companies and members of the Royal Family expressing their thoughts on climate change and their disappointment on the lack of action to save our planet. I am so impressed with their final outcome and as a class, we look forward to the responses returning to school once we post the letters next week.

It was great to start our half term together as a full school in Church for All Saints Day. Fred and Katie continued with this theme for their prayer and liturgy and shared it with Year 6 as well as Year 2 this week.

Have a great weekend with your families and will see you on Monday morning.

Mr Parkinson

Up and coming dates

  • 7th November – Parents Evening 1
  • 8th November – Parents Evening 2
  • 4th December –Year 5 and Year 6 Advent Service
  • 4th December – Final Borwick Hall Payment to be made (If you need any support with this please see me in school)


  • Thursday – homework and reading diary handed in
  • Friday – PE Kit to be worn