Year 6 Blog – By Isabel and Mathilda

We have had another action-packed week in Year 6. In maths we have continued looking at fractions, decimals and percentages and have been learning about calculating the percentages of an amount. We have had some tricky problems to solve but with a good growth mindset attitude we have managed to complete them!  

In English they have been reading two poems called ‘The Winter Morning’ and ‘The Menace’(which was used for the BBC Winter Olympics advert.) We have been looking at the similarities and differences of these poems, focusing on figurative language. 

In Guided reading we have been looking at a remake of Hamlet by Jon Mayhew and Fabrizio Di Baldo. We have been answering questions about this book and finding the definitions for all the new vocabulary that we have found.   

In science we have been learning about the human body and its circulatory system along with the different organs. We made our own human body and labeled its organs and body parts. We have been labelling the heart, lungs and blood vessels and other major organs. 

In history we have been looking at an old tale of Beowulf and created our own storyboard based off of what we know so far. Finally this afternoon we have continued with our gymnastic unit in PE and have been working on our sequences. We hope to share the final videos with you in a couple of weeks! 

We are looking forward to going to visiting the mosque next week as we celebrate other Faiths in school. It is also getting close to Borwick Hall…have you packed yet?!  

Written by Izzy and Tilly