Year 6 Home Learning – Thursday 4th March 2021

Good morning Year 6!

We are on our penultimate day of home learning not long until we are all back together in class! We are going to complete our maths as usual this morning and then move on to world book day activities. Remember that you need to login into zoom today so we can all see your creative costumes…or at least a few of you with tea towels on your heads! Mrs Foster and I will be ready so please don’t leave us on our own! There will also be a zoom at the end of the day where there will be a whole school costume parade! 

Have a great day and I shall see you all at 10:45! 

Maths Arithmetic – In your maths arithmetic folder please complete Test 18 – questions 19 – 36

If there are any questions that you are struggling with then we can go through them together on either the Tuesday or Thursday zoom drop in sessions.

Maths Lesson – We are going to continue our topic of decimals and percentages today. I would like you to watch the video below on decimals as fractions and then answer the questions on page 34 – 37 of your maths booklet.


Task – Today I would like you to complete reading and answering the questions in your guided reading question book ‘Linnaeus’. Remember to read the questions carefully and follow the instructions on how to answer them. 

Remember I would like you to all join our zoom session today, ready in your World Book Day costumes! Below are lots of world book day activities for you to then work through. 

You will need lots of books for this next activity! Find each of the items on the list below in the books you have. Use the table to record the item, the book you found it in, the page number and your reasons or more information. You can either copy the table into your book or print it off and fill it in. 


After watching the video choose one of the tasks below to complete!


Option 1

Humza talks about how you can miss out in life if you judge things or people before you’ve given them a chance. Imagine if Little Badman hadn’t gone to the meteor shower – he would’ve missed a great adventure!

• In the story, Humza doesn’t want to go to the meteor shower because he thinks it sounds like boring science stuff. Actually, it turns out to be a big adventure for him. Can you think of a similar experience of your own, where you didn’t want to do something, but it turned out to be amazing?

• In the story, Humza judges the kids in the neighbouring town – but in the end they turn out to be nice people who help him. Create a persuasive talk about why it is important not to judge others too soon.


Option 2

In the book, Humza and his friends eat a box of delicious samosas that give them all superpowers! What food or drink could give you powers?


• If you could choose an item of food or a drink to give you superpowers, what would it be? Would it be magic? Radioactive? Would it be from the future? What superpower would it give you?

• Create a comic-strip style story showing what happens when you consume your chosen food or drink. What will your setting be? Will it be at a meteor shower, like in the story, or somewhere more inconspicuous, like the school canteen? 



Check out the link below to listen to a range of audio books available for world book day! 

At the end of the day today we have a World Book Day Assembly at 2:45pm. We would usually get a chance to see costumes from across the school but this year we will have to do it virtually! If you don’t have the code contact Mrs Wiggins in the office and she can send it to you!