Year 6 Home Learning – Wednesday 3rd March 2021

Good morning Year 6. By now you should definitely be seeing the signs of Spring all around you. Signs of new life bring such hope to us all, as does our full return to school next week. I am looking forward to seeing you all and having our Year 6 class back together again. Have a wonderful morning and I shall see you all on zoom at 10:45 today. If you have any questions before this then please remember you can email me – 

I am pleased to see so many of you logging on to access the library of books on epic reading. Remember all you have to do is visit click on the class code at the top and enter our class code: lnx1208

  • Once you have done this, it asks your parents to log on for free – ask your parents if they can enter their email address.
  • You can create your own library so you can store books you would like to read or listen too at a later date.
  • Give it a go and if stumble over any problems let me know and I will try and help.

Maths Arithmetic – In your maths arithmetic folder please complete Test 18 – questions 1 – 18

If there are any questions that you are struggling with then we can go through them together on either the Tuesday or Thursday zoom drop in sessions.


Maths Lesson – We are going to continue our topic of decimals and percentages today. I would like you to watch the video below on division to solve problems and then answer the questions on page 30 – 33 of your maths booklet.

I am looking forward to seeing you all on our class zoom session at 10:45am this morning. This is a session that I expect you all to be at so please make sure your device is charged up and you are ready to log in at the correct time. See you soon!

Writing – (Please don’t start this task as we will look at it together on zoom today) 

Today you are going to write your own non-fiction text hybrid. You will be using all the different features that we have been looking at as well as all your research from last Friday!

  • Look back to your plan from Monday. You will need to use this to help set out your work today
  • Remember to use all your research and the checklist below to make sure that all of the features are included
  • You will need to use at least a double page spread in your books
  • You don’t need a learning objective and date today
  • Remember to use cursive handwriting and a range of advanced punctuation

Reading – You have two reading tasks today.

Task 1 – For your reading task today I would like you to answer questions 28 – 33  in your guided reading question book ‘Linnaeus’. Remember you completed the preparation for this task yesterday but if you need to refer back to the text then please do. Remember to read the questions carefully and follow the instructions on how to answer them. 

Task 2 – Login to Purple Mash and complete the reading task for today, Once you have completed the questions please make sure you save and submit your work.

Spelling – Remember below is our spelling list for this week. To help you remember your spellings you could:

Look – Cover – Write – Check
Visualise the word in a sentence
Draw and colour a picture – hide your word within it.
Create a graffiti wall with your spellings
Put your spelling words in to sentences


When we come back to school next week we will be moving on to looking at the Vikings. So today I would like you to complete your work on the Anglo Saxons by coming up with 10 questions that you still have about the Anglo Saxons. I am then going to send your questions away to the Lancashire Museum who will create a podcast full of answers to send back to us!

When writing your questions you need to make sure they are in full sentences and reflect a Year 6 standard of work!


For our computing lesson today we are going to continue coding. There is a task on purple mash to complete – Newton and the Apple
Remember you use code to tell a computer what to do. Before you write code you need an algorithm.

An algorithm is a list of rules to follow in order to solve a problem. Algorithms need to have their steps in the right order. Think about an algorithm for getting dressed in the morning. What if you put on your coat before your jumper? Your jumper would be on top of your coat and that would be silly! When you write an algorithm the order of the instructions is very important.

Login to purple mash now to start coding! Remember to submit your work as usual and that I can see how long you have spent on it so try your very best!